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Monday, March 18, 2013

Chapter Twelve! and Guess how many pages! :D

Chapter Twelve is done and posted! :D I've been in a writing mood lately! :D I actually finished this chapter on Saturday, but I just haven't gotten around to posting it yet... Well, anywho let me know what you think!

Any guesses as to how many pages this book is now?? I'll give you a hint: more than 100

The one who gets closest to the real number will get an AJ prize! :D And the prize is.... undetermined XD But it WILL be something good. :3


  1. 124? I'm not on AnimalJam, I'm just guessing for the sake of guessing. So, If I win, can you give it to the person second closest please?

  2. I'm gonna take another random guess.......i20?

  3. 142 DUH XD Easy Peasy XD

    1. Close enough I guess... Wow, 5 or, Second closes XD

  4. Hmm never read it before... RANDOM GUESSING TIME!!! 153... that's the random number I decided

  5. Okay guessing time... 114?
    lol thats going to be so far from the real thing lol
    p.s. chapter 12 is awesome!


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