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Monday, December 17, 2012

Chapter seven, art, and maps

The rest of chapter seven is posted! :D
More art is also posted, and here are some EPIC maps that my good friend Schiebeplanenwagen drew! :D well, actually I'm only going to show you one, because the second one would be a bit of a spoiler... But once it gets to that point in the story, I'll post it! :D

This is what the territory looks like at this point in my book! ^-^ Thanks for making this for me, Schiebe!!!!!!! :D

And last, but NOT least, DRUMROLL PLEASE!!

My sister Sasha made me an EPIC cover for my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
So as you can see, the title of the book is "Blue Skies". I haven't decided the name for the series.
Any ideas??

Thanks again, Schiebe and Sasha!! :D


  1. Errr...excuse me, but I actually made up the title "Blue Skies" first. I'm afraid that I won't want you to use it. If you need proof that I thought of it first go to:

    It was posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

  2. Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss I have an idea for the name of the series!
    The Return of The Warrior Cats!
    Or maybe...
    Back to The Forest?
    But I thought the series was called Warriors: The Returning Series?

  3. Series Ideas:
    The Return
    New Generation

    and....cant think of any more ;)

  4. I made you a banner... look at my diary blog. Hope you like it!

  5. wow nice book cover <3! and map is very good too all places in order its the clans by the lake right?


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