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Monday, October 15, 2012

Interview Video :3

Hey guys! Here's a 'lil' interview my sis and I did. It's about how I got the idea for my book! :D

Enjoy! :D


  1. Haha you guys are awesome! XD I was kinda glad y'all didn't mention me cuz everyone laughs when they say meh user XD (True story)
    Lol! Awesome interview! :D
    -Misty G. Royal

    1. Thanks! I meant to mention you, but I was so flustered (I stink at im-prov XD) That I forgot... But visit this link to see s'more videos we made! XD

    2. Phooey, I forgot the link :P Here it is:
      (Who is really quite scatterbrained today...)

    3. Haha! Totally fine! XD I'm gunna looky at da videos o3o
      Danke!! :D
      -Misty G. Royal
      (Who feels awesome to have an awesome friend)

    4. Kein Problem! :D
      Awww I'm the lucky one. :3 You so cool!!! ^-^


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